Apr 2022

What to Do When Your Teaching Contract Is Not Renewed

A teacher who has not been renewed must verify that all legal protocols have been followed by the district. Different states have different rules regarding non-renewal and/or collective agreements. Make sure all your legal rights are in place. If you are part of a teachers` union, contact your representative to make sure you are treated fairly. Also, follow the wise advice of your union representative on the next steps to take. Often, the best course of action is to simply hold your head high and keep going. The most important thing to remember is that if you are looking for a job elsewhere and are offered the teaching mission of your life or the job of your dreams, you cannot act impulsively and sign the new contract. You can be optimistic that if you inform your current school board, they will be just as happy as you are with your new job. Often it doesn`t work that way.

Often, your current school district is not at all inclined to release you from your contractual obligations on terms that may not be favorable to it. “We will not renew your contract.” These are perhaps some of the most difficult words a teacher can hear. It`s normal to feel anxious, insecure, or even embarrassed. But not being renewed happens for MANY reasons and often says nothing about your abilities as a teacher. Sometimes you just need a new perspective or a change, and many of our teachers recommend teaching abroad. “It`s so beautiful and there are so many vacancies,” writes Amy B. “I`m in the process of getting my teaching license so I can teach in Europe too. The hardest part is getting on the plane for the first time. But I don`t want to go back to America at this point.

You may be embarrassed, but don`t let that stop you from doing what you love – teaching. Our wonderful group of teachers has had countless positive feedback to say to their peers, so we`ve rounded up some of the best we can share below. Use them to remind you that you have all the support from us here at WeAreTeachers. We can`t wait to find out where you land! Even if you end up leaving the union and not using it, it`s still good to have someone by your side. Unlike teachers on probationary contracts, teachers on fixed-term contracts have the right to appeal to the Commissioner against the decision of the Board of Directors. In addition, the case against you must be based on evidence that you have breached the terms of your contract or on grounds listed in the Board`s policy. Unlike people on probationary contracts, the district must prove that they have “reasons” for not renewing or terminating the employment of teachers on semester contracts. The Council of State of Education may refuse to issue or renew a certificate for the teaching permit, or it may sanction the holder of a certificate for the teaching permit by suspension or revocation or in any other way, including due to the cancellation of a written contract. This usually happens in cases where a contract teacher leaves the district without the consent of the majority of board members. Blacks Law Dictionary defines annul as a verb that means to pick up, empty, destroy or deprive something of any power and operation. The usual context in which contract cancellation is used when applied to teacher situations is when a teacher tries to withdraw from an existing contract with the school district and decides to leave without the board`s permission.

Teachers on fixed-term contracts are entitled to “due process”. It does not matter if the contract is valid for one year or more. Due process rights include not only proper notification that the contract will not be renewed, but also a hearing before the board of directors, the right to hear evidence against you, the right to cross-examine witnesses who support the district`s case, the right to present your own witnesses, and the right to be represented by a lawyer or representative. My last piece of advice is the most difficult to implement. Being “letting go” really shakes your self-confidence as a teacher, as a person. I remember sitting next to girls fresh out of college during some of those interviews and thinking, “They`ll never give me a second look.” This kind of attitude won`t get you anywhere. In the first interviews I did, I know I screwed up because I lacked the confidence and positivity that I knew they were looking for. I was in my own head. I was bitter, I was angry, I was depressed, and interviewers can really understand things like that.

It wasn`t until I really took a step back, adjusted my attitude, and recalled why I came to teaching in the first place, that I received one reminder after another. Quit social media for a while. Stop comparing yourself to other teachers and stop thinking that something is wrong with you. Stop thinking about all your friends who may or may not get a job now, and don`t worry about other teachers you didn`t like who “have to keep their jobs.” Find your Zen. Believe in yourself. Fill your life with positive people and positive thoughts. The moment you believe you will succeed is the moment when everyone will believe it too. It is essential that the administration is aware of all the legal requirements surrounding dismissal. State laws and contractual conditions must be strictly adhered to.

In particular, the timetables should have been followed if we were heading towards non-renewal. If you are unsure of the details, contact your human resources manager or a lawyer. It is possible that the terms of the teacher`s contract are stricter than the state`s termination laws. All conditions must be met in accordance with the letter of the law/contract. I hope that during your tenure, you have maintained good relations with your colleagues at your school. Contact those with whom you have a good relationship and ask them to write letters of recommendation for you. Future administrators often see peer referrals in a positive way, as these peers often see the “real me” in the classroom and at school. When you meet the teacher, it is important to participate with the resources you can offer. If the problem is related to performance, offer certain books, workshops, mentoring, or other ways the teacher can improve skills that are deficient. Sometimes, however, teachers who are not renewed do not have pedagogical skills. .

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